Kaoru Nabe

Japanese Artist

New exhibiton:Nový Landscape//個展inプラハ開幕!

Artist in Residence in Prague! プラハに滞在します。

Cokun, Artist Village2018[south of Japan][artist in residence]佐賀県唐津市肥前町星賀


Days of another side in Malaysia.

Vital Black-Kaoru Nabe- solo exhibition/RAW Art Space/Kuala Lumpor in Malaysia.

謝謝!個展「米騒動」2018.4/1-4/30@東京都三鷹市Cafe Hammock

[May]Solo exhibition -Vital black- @RAW Art Space in KL,Malaysia

邊 薫 個展Kaoru Nabe Solo Exhibition2018 Tokyo Japan.

new days….


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