About Toilet art project is….
This project was born from a true experience of “NABEKaoru” oneself that was a promoter.


I experienced various benefits by making the place called the restroom the stage of the expression, and being active.

I want to send stimulation and impression, that it leads to the idea in living environment from the space of the restroom which I expressed. Currently,I am particular about the restroom space than Japan and evolve and think that there is not the place where cleanliness is splendid.An expression changes at a stretch, and the user uses the restroom where careful maintenance was made on carefully.
And I was able to watch the change of the heart of the owner who began to keep the space of the restroom neatly. Of course a sense of values and the situation, the form about the restroom are different by a country.
I think that I can want a thought to ponder on the space called the restroom some other time by my expressing the space of the restroom.

This project is slowly progressing.




表現したその場から それが思いもしなかったカタチでどこかへ還っていく、そして還っていけば良いなぁと考えています。


ですが日本と言えど、人は多ければ多いほど、トイレ空間は乱れがちになりますし 公衆トイレも場所によっては非常に荒れている箇所も多々あります。



丁寧なメンテナンスが施されたトイレは一気に表情が変わり、使用者も丁寧に そして”空間を綺麗に”と持ち主は心がけるようになるシーンを目にしてました。

「トイレがある場所に 人は集まる。」


当初は、トイレペイントと称して展開していましたが  改めまして「トイレアート」と名前を替えて進んでいきます。