Suitcase – Artsurrection/ at Findars in Kuala Lumpur[Malaysia]



I will participate in SUITCASE ART SURRECTION at Findars.

Open to public: 25 March-23 April 2017

Opening reception:
25 March (1500-1900)
Opening Hours:
Wed-Sun, 1200-1900
(Mon & Tues Closed)

Suitcase :
Suitcase is a platform that serves as the artists’ portfolio of various disciplines to showcase their unique art exploration on visual creativity. This is the first ever monthly exhibition, featuring works by graphic designers, illustrators, fine artists, photographers and so on. Suitcase will be held in different venues, starting with Findars Art Space.

I am not here. But it’s makes me happy to participate in these.


Participating artists:
Lith Ng, Ng Zhi Jun, Jin Hien Lau, Tan Chee Hon, Nabe Kaoru (Japan), Sherwan Rozan (W6 Studio), Tey Beng Tze (Findars Creative), Jolene Tew (Raksasa Print Studio), Jane Stephanny (Raksasa Print Studio), Julienne Mei Tan (Raksasa Print Studio)

Happy New Year! 2017


こんにちは、2017!! 酉年、ですね。

そう、ナべカオルは酉年なのです….!  飛翔する年。

トイレアートプロジェクトも、その他の個人の活動も楽しんで 頑張りますー!!




君が 命には 、灯火があって それを 忘れて 生きてしまってるときに 琵琶の音と 共に この時計は 現れる。 ー「Burning bird mountain」真夜中の弾じりよりー #painting #acrylic #turneracrylic #maskingcolor